“Prince Of The Dawn” Mixed by KOICHROOO as SODOM X

“Prince Of The Dawn”


1万枚以上のレコードコレクションと1千枚近くのアー写コレクションを誇る“HIP HOP JUNKIEEE”ことKOICHROOOがお届けする、US PROMO ONLY=正規未発売のシングルのみで制作されたMIX CD!


同一プロデューサー・アーティスト連打や、サンプリングソースつながり、西海岸の固め打ち等、様々な仕掛けを施し、“PROMO ONLY”という縛りながらも、(荒削りではあるが)純粋にミックスとして聴ける内容に仕上がっています。


その辺にゴロゴロ転がっているありふれたミックスとは一線を画す、全人類が待ち望んだHIP HOP濃度2万%の強力なミックス!必聴!

1.Jazz Thing(Movie Mix) /Gang Starr

2.Funky Lemonade(Lp Version) /Chi-Ali

3.Best Kept Secret(45 King Remix /No t For Airplay)/Diamond D and The Psychotic Neurotics

4.He Asked For It(Album Version) /Double X

5.Shame On A Nigga(Album Version) /Wu-Tang Clan

6.How I Could Just Kill A Man(Blunted Mix) /Cypress Hill

7.Latin Lingo(Blackout Mix) /Cypress Hill

8.Clouds Of Smoke(Album Version) /Call O' Da Wild

9.Tonight's Da Night(Radio Edit) /Redman

10.Can't Wait(Remix #2 Dirty) / Redman

11.A Day Of Sooperman Lover(Lp Version) /Redman

12.Funk Soul Sensation(Godfather Mix Clean) /Jemini The Giftted One

13.Can't Stop Rockin'(Tribute Clean) /Jemin The Gifted One

14.Come Widdit(Radio Mix&The Fredwreck Remix) /Ahmad, Ras Kass, Saafir

15.Take A Look Around(Fredwreck Remix) /The Brothas Unda Madness

16.What I'm Feeling /Trends Of Culture

17.Temptations(Album Version) /2Pac

18.Shades Of Black(O.G. Radio Edit) /Rakim

19.Give It 2 You(Easy Mo Remix) /Da Brat

20.We Got It Hemmed(Lp Version) /Cella Dwellas

21.Keep Alive(Album Version) /The Almighty RSO

22.Check It(Jazzy Jeff's west Philly Mix) /Dana Barros

23.Digga Bigga Ditch(Evil Radio Mix) /DFC

24.4 My Peeps(Original Vocal Dirty) /Red Hot Lover Tone ft. The Notorious B.I.G.

25.U Da Man(Remix) /Black Moon ft. 5 feet & Dru Ha

26.Harlem Kids Get Biz(Main Pass) /Herb McGruff

27.What I'm After(Radio Remix) /Lords Of The Undergrownd

28.Touch Y'all(Remix #2 Clean) /Omniscence ft. Sadat X

29.Shaolin Style(Lp Version) /Shyheim

30.Thuggin It Up(Dj Spinna Remix Clean Vocal) /Mc Eiht

31.I Shot Ya(Lp Version) /L.L. Cool J

32.The Ill Real(Main Mix) /Double X

33.That's My Nigga(Dirty Version) /Raw Breed

34.Got The Flava(Album Version) /Show & A.G. ft. Ghetto Dwellas

35.Bring It On(The Lost Remix Xplicit) /Organised Konfusion

36.Dr. Feelgood(Club Mix) /Ill Al Scratch ft. Greg Nyce & Red Alert

37.Make Or Take(Radio Edit) /Nine ft. Smooth Da Hustler

38.Brooklyn Movements(Album Version) /Da Bush Babees

39.Born 2 Live(Eclipse Remix) /O.C.

40.Purse Snatchers Pt.2(Ghetto Remix) /Onyx ft. D.V. Alias Khrist

41.I Mss You(Dobie's Rub Part Two - It's A Hip Hop Thing, Underwater Mix) /Bjork

42.Daytona 500(Radio Edit) /Ghostface Killah ft. Raekwon

43.Bring It On(Showbiz Remix) /Maestro Fresh Wes

44.Bronx Nigga(Dj Shame's Phat Radio Edit) /Tim Dog

45.Bust(Lp Version) /Trigger Tha Gambler ft. DV Alias Khrist

46.Final Frontier(Uncensored) /Mc Ren

47.Growin' Up In The Hood(Uncensored Version) /Compton's Most Wanted

48.Played Like A Piano(Clean Version) /King Tee

49.Top Ten List(Album Version) /Masta Ace Inc

50.Coolie High(Pradise Remix )/Camp Lo

51.Keep It Real(Remix) /Miilkbone

52.Tip Of The Tongue(Clean Version) /Mad Skillz

53.Outside Looking In(Instrumental) /Darc Mind

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