大人気MIXシリーズ『Underground Railroad Vol.9』で世間にその名を知らしめ、

DJバトルの最高峰DMC JAPANにて2008年と2010年にチャンプに輝き、若いながらも

現役バトルDJでは最もDIGっている男DJ BUNTAによる最新MIXの情報がついに届いた。

本作は以前に発表し話題を呼んだMIX CD "SURVIVAL THE VINYL"にも通じ、


-Track List-

1.Top Choice Clique / Peace Of Mind

2.Eric.B & Rakim / Microphone Fiend

3.Plush Bros.Jr / Back To The Lab

4.Another 1-4-U-2-N-V / Life Is Like A Nike Commeercial

5.Big Daddy Kane / Ant't No Half Steppin' (Remix)

6.Up Town / Dope On Plastic

7.T.D.S.Mob / Dope For The Folks

8.T.D.S.Mob / T.D.S Scratch Reaction

9.Chill Rob G / Court Is Now In Ssession (Remix)

10.Kaos / Court's In Session

11.Mc Jewel / I am A Poet

12.Mantronix / Sing A Song (Break It Down)

13.Kay D. & D.J.Stash / My Rhythm Is Kept

14.Hurby's Machine / I Got An Attitude

15.Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud / Do The James

16.Kev-E-Kev & AK-B / Listen To The Man

17.D.J.Polo & Kool G .Rap / It's A Demo

18.D.J.Scratch & G-O-D / The Party Is Jumpin

19.Skit (KING TECH)

20.Legion Of Doom / Live Bait

21.D.J.Baby J & E.Rock Cometh / Tales From The Lite Side

22.Style / Assassinator

23.D.J.Chuck Chillout And Kool Chip / I'm Large

24.Phase And Rhythm / Hyperactive

25.Pelon / 360°

26.Defenders / U Can Get It

27.Ultramagnetic Mc's / Give The Drummer Some

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