mixed by KOICHROOO

Kanazawa No,1 Hard Digger KOICHROOO氏によるLORD FINESSEしばりのMIX CDが入荷しました!!

1.Intro(O' Lord ft. O.C.)

2.Pull Ya Card/Lord Finesse

3.Devil's Son/BIG L

4.Yes You May(Funk Flow mix)/Lord Finesse ft. BIG L

5.Collaboration Of Mics/ARTIFACTS ft. Lord Finesse, Lord Jamar

6.Livin' Fat/FAT JOE

7.All Black/BIG L


9.Ga Head/O.C.

10.COME ON(Demo Version)/B.I.G. ft. SADAT X

11.COME ON MOTHER FUCKER(Original Version)/B.I.G. ft. SADAT X

12.No Gimmicks(Brainstorm Clean Remix)/Lord Finesse ft. KRS-One, O.C.

13.Check Me Out Baby Pah/Lord Finesse


15.Speak Ya Peace/Lord Finesse ft. Marquee

16.No Doubt(Lord Finesse Remix)/POSNEG

17.22 Years/ILL BISKITS

18.From Me 2 You(Funkyman Version)/Brains

19.You Can't Front(...It Is Real)/Diamond D ft. SADAT X

20.Shortyz Doin' His Own Thang/SHORTY LONG

21.Let Em Know/ILL BISKITS

22.Shorties Kaught In The System-S.K.I.T.S.(Remix)/Lord Finesse

23.Check The Method/Lord Finesse

24.Check Tha Flava/AK Skills

25.Street Struck/BIG L

26.Hip 2 Da Game/Lord Finesse

27.Gameplan/Lord Finesse

28.Soulplan(Summertime Finessin It Mix)/Lord Finesse

29.Run The Line(Lord Finesse Mix)/RASCO

30.Add On/SHOW & A.G.

31.Money Talks/DOUBLE X

32.On Da M.I.C./ILLEGAL ft.Lord Finesse, A.G.


34.Uptown Style(Laidback Bounce Extended Mix)/KIRK

35.Untitled/Grand Puba

36.Food For Thought/Lord Finesse

37.School Dayz/BIG L

38.You Know What I'm About(Original Version)/Lord Finesse ft. BIG L

39.UnexPected Flava/BIG L

40.Hands In The Air, Mouth Shut/Lord Finesse

41.Isn't He Something(EXTRA P Session Mix)/Lord Finesse

42.Return Of The Funky Man(Clean Version)/Lord Finesse ft. DJ Premier

43.Set It Off Troop/Lord Finesse

44.Relax(Lord Finesse Remix)/Black Thought

45.Party And Bullshit(Lord's Dirty Mix)/B.I.G.

46.Broadcasting Live(Lord Finesse Remix)/Channel Live

47.Party Over Here(Remix Version)/Lord Finesse

48.Yes You May/Lord Finesse ft. Percee P, A.G.

49.Diggin' In The Crates/Showbiz & A.G. ft. Diamond D, Lord Finesse

50.Outro(Show & Prove Instrumental)

  • 1,000円(内税)